Nailing TikTok trends is critical for getting content identified by the algorithm. When you create content that aligns with TikTok trends, the TikTok algorithm prioritizes it, ensuring it appears more frequently on users' For You Page (FYP).

In this blog, we explore why TikTok trends matter, the types of trends, where to find them, and how to predict them before they go viral.

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These trends are important to note as the TikTok algorithm recognizes the most popular content and pushes it out more frequently to users onto their FYP. This helps content creators target a bigger audience and engage users.

This is a great channel to market your product or service through as well, to become a “relatable” brand among TikTok users and gain a bigger following on the app. It’s also a notable opportunity to partner with influencers as they can promote your product accordingly to their audience.

Find Tiktok trends on the Explore Page


Use a wide range of trending sounds and music in the background of your videos that can be chosen from the in-depth audio library. Also, take advantage of using voiceovers to add a personal touch to your content and build a deeper connection with your audience.


Unlike on other social media platforms, hashtags are still an important aspect in content creation on TikTok. Use trending hashtags that reflect popular challenges or events. Using these hashtags in your video captions can increase your video's visibility and participation in a specific trend. Some of the most popular hashtags include:

It’s especially important to include specific hashtags when targeting micro trends in your content to appeal to a niche audience. This also assists with increasing community engagement. The following are examples of microtrend hashtags:


Many effects on TikTok are filters available for users to use. Certain filters include beauty, games, animations, and more. Other effects include text overlays and stickers that can be used to increase creativity in your video content. Often times these effects are trending for a period of time and are used frequently by users, such as the anime and inverted filter, or bling and Disney effect.


A popular TikTok effect called the Inverted Filter

By regularly implementing the following tips and engaging with the TikTok community, you can stay informed about the top trends and create quality content.

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Scroll through your For You Page (FYP)

The FYP is TikTok's main feed that is personalized for each user based on their preferences, interactions, and engagement history. Here, you'll encounter a constantly updating stream of popular TikTok videos from a wide range of creators.

Look at the Tiktok Trending Page

The Trending Page is a dedicated section of TikTok that showcases trending videos and challenges. Find a variety of videos that are currently popular and gaining traction across the platform. Take a look at your competitors' videos to identify trends that are applicable to your industry and generate content ideas.

Look through popular video hashtags

Explore trending hashtags by clicking on a hashtag or searching for one using the Discover/Search bar. Scroll through these videos to see how other users are participating in the trend and join in by creating your own content. This is also an effective way to discover niche trends within specific categories or interests.

Take Advantage of Tiktok’s Creative Center

TikTok's Creative Center provides insights into trending challenges, sounds, and creative ideas to inspire your own content. Here, you'll find a variety of resources, including tutorials, trend analyses, and tips on how to use TikTok's creative tools effectively.

Granularity’s AI-powered platform with videos regarding athleisure TikTok trends

To stay ahead of competitors and be able to expect TikTok Trends before they go viral, it’s vital to stay involved with pop culture. Also look through social media data to view when certain sounds, products, or challenges are trending. Use Granularity to find these TikTok trends with over 1000+ categories available for you to skim through on our AI-powered trends platform.

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