Release 1.1

Release 1.1

A big update this time from Granularity HQ including a new feature that shares links to search Tiktok for trending posts.


A big update this time from Granularity HQ. Two major items we’ll cover: (1) we’ve added a new feature that shares links to search Tiktok for trending posts, and (2) we’ve released a patch that fixes several of the bugs identified in Release 1.0. Keep an eye out for a dedicated blog post regarding the trending Tiktok feature, which we’ll link here when its published. Linked here. You can also subscribe to our blog here to keep an eye out for those sneak peeks.

New Features

Trending TikTok Posts

Knowing what is trending is difficult, and our mission at Granularity is to reduce the time spent looking for consumer trends for products and services. We’re excited to announce a new feature that will aid users in visualizing a trend from the source. New in Release 1.1, users can view details on the top 5 most recent trending posts and a link to Tiktok to search for those posts.

Product visualization

Visualizing data is an integral part of what we do at Granularity to make trends and insights ingestible for all users, regardless of their role. Now, users can visualize not just the category but product insights as well. This is available to all users as per Release 1.1.


  • 🎉 New categories! 🎉 We’re excited to add virtual and augmented reality, tshirts, bamboo clothing, and desk mats for users to select. As a reminder, for users who don’t see a category they’d like to follow when selecting a category, they can use the dropdown to select a category or product not shown.
  • 🖥️ Minor UI improvements 🖥️ to make life better for users. This includes separating flagged keywords to different lines and other minor UI adjustments.

Bug Fixes

  • User email verification issue for Microsoft connected and authenticated users has been resolved. Further fixes on email verification are being investigated.

Known Issues

  • Geographic labels on the globe disappear after moving the mouse away
  • Selecting too many products to follow may cause issues on the product table display
  • Download data for professional users does not work in every case
  • Different browsers may have different experiences

Upcoming Features

  • Cross-pollination: insights on how social media trending post users are shared between products in a category
  • Unscaled values: In an effort to further explainability, metrics will be unscaled and labelled with data sources
  • REST API access: Professional users will be able to access the data via REST API through specific access tokens and documentation
  • Continued performance tweaks improvements: improvements made to the load time and data serving to the web application
  • Continued UI improvements: we’re exploring modulation as we grow the insights available from the Platform.


Thank you to the many users who shared the importance of seeing the top posts themselves and expediting the work they already do on retail floors across the globe to search Tiktok for impactful trends. We love meeting with you and are very appreciate for your feedback and support.


Please contact [email protected] for any support items related to Release 1.1. You can also raise tickets directly through the Platform through the “Issue” prompt at the bottom of every screen.

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