Redesigning our Web Application

Redesigning our Web Application

At Granularity we believe in finding trends. So, unsurprisingly, we built our new web application with the best-in-class trending programming capabilities and languages. Here’s a dive into our new web application and its design.

Introducing TrendsDecoder by Granularity

Since the launch of Granularity’s Alpha platform “Trends”, we’ve listened to user feedback and revamped our application to not only better handle massive amounts of data, but to highlight what really matters to our customers: the product micro-trends impacting their assortment.

TrendsDecoder is our newest application release, and the Beta version of our platform. It’s designed with some of the hottest trending React frameworks for web optimized usage. Here’s a brief outline of our mentality in redesigning the application. Stay tuned for further blog posts on Release 2.0.1.

Using hot frameworks like Next.js

Talking about Next.js isn’t exactly talking about an undiscovered trend. It’s widely known and been leveraged by major companies. Search trends, as shown above, has overtaken Vue.js this past spring. According to this fun blog, Next.js has the second highest Github stars to any React framework.

Styled professionally with Tailwind CSS

Bootstrap had been king of the CSS framework game in React land for many years. But it’s lost ground as a slowly declining long-term trend. Instead, we see the rise in popularity of Tailwind CSS. This is the chosen CSS framework for Granularity’s new application TrendsDecoder.

Data science at scale with Databricks and Microsoft Azure

To create our predictions, our Granularity data science team leverages Databricks and Microsoft Azure to handle the thousands of social media posts, search engine results, and our AI models that generate that raw data into actionable insights. Databricks is a trending data analytics platform that cohesively binds data engineering and data science. Microsoft continues to be a terrific partner for Granularity’s data development, allowing for easy and seamless cloud development and hosting our Databricks solution.

Easy and foolproof deployment with Vercel

To productionize our new application and deploy it securely to the web, Granularity’s DevOps team has leveraged Vercel. A major 2023 trending frontend cloud deployment and infrastructure tool, Vercel is Granularity’s go-to deployment method and front-end cloud provider.

Want to try it yourself?

You can signup at our website (also Next.js, Tailwind, and Vercel deployed). We’ll be opening a Beta testing waitlist shortly. Keep an eye on your inboxes to register when it comes out!

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