At Granularity HQ, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added Youtube as a new data source to the TrendsDecoder platform. Now users can access Youtube data for the categories they follow, and compare the insights to other aggregated data sources as well as view the top Youtube videos in that category.

In online video services, there’s still one crowned as the first stop for watching videos – and that’s Youtube. According to a survey of US consumers in Q1 of 2023, Youtube ranked number one across all generations of internet users for their top source of free video watching.

The trouble? The enormity of Youtube’s video collection after nearly 15 years of operation. According to sources, there are 114 million active Youtube channels and 2.6 billion active monthly users. And for those users, roughly 18% use it to specifically follow brands and companies. That’s almost 500 million active users leveraging Youtube to follow brands, companies and trends.

So finding what’s trending on Youtube is not easy. Marketing specialists, product owners, and demand planners rely on following specific accounts or emitting Youtube entirely from external data analysis.

Now, TrendsDecoder offers an easy method to find what’s trending on Youtube for the categories of products you manage.

On TrendsDecoder, users can now click the Youtube tab to see the up to the past four years of aggregated Youtube video views for their chosen category. Users have already told our team how this helps compare between sources, and often correlates with similar Tiktok and other social media trends.

This trend is further predicted by Granularity’s AI models to forecast out up to the next 6 months of Youtube views for the category, so you can get a sense of where the overall category trend is moving.

Finally, trendingYoutube videos that have made a big splash in the category are available under the top trending social media posts section of the category dashboard. This allows users to quickly see up to 9 of the Youtube videos with the most views and likes for your category.

Here’s a brief demo of the functionality.


Demo of the youtube functionality

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