Toronto, October 2023

Today, Granularity Ltd., which predicts consumer trends based on social media, is thrilled to join the Vector Institute’s FastLane program. Joining FastLane underscores Granularity’s commitment to artificial intelligence (AI) innovation that will benefit the retail ecosystem.

Granularity empowers retailers to stay ahead of viral trends with an AI-powered platform that predicts social media and search trends. Granularity is continuously progressing research on the science of trends, which requires the use of AI to model consumer behaviour. They are also in the midst of training AI models to identify product features (e.g. trending colors and styles). In order to advance these AI capabilities, the team will be tapping into The Vector Institute’s research, talent and resources.

Introduced in December 2021, Vector’s FastLane program helps Canadian small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) accelerate their current AI capabilities. Through Vector’s FastLane program, the Granularity team will have the opportunity to engage in mentorship, gain insights from industry thought leaders, and collaborate with Vector’s ecosystem. Working with Vector Institute will provide Granularity access to world-class AI expertise and machine learning resources to accelerate the development and deployment of responsible AI-powered solutions that support Granularity’s business goals and growth trajectory.

Supporting SMEs to harness the transformational potential of machine learning is just one way that Vector, a globally-renowned AI Institute, is working across sectors to advance responsible AI application, adoption, and commercialization. By building resources, driving innovation, and fostering talent through their vibrant community of problem-solvers and world-class experts, Vector is the trusted partner in Canada to build, develop, and apply AI.

“The nature of consumer trends is complex and ever-evolving. In order to model these behaviours, we need deep expertise in forecasting, Artificial Intelligence and retail.” shares Tali Remennik, CEO at Granularity Ltd. “Our partnership with Vector's FastLane Program signifies our commitment to charting the next chapter of retail evolution.”
"Vector's FastLane program is designed to propel safe AI innovation, mentor talent, and foster advancement of AI for SMEs. Granularity’s shared drive for responsible AI use is one of many reasons we’re glad to welcome their team to the FastLane.” says Craig Stewart, Executive Director of Applied AI Programs, Vector Institute

About Granularity

Granularity empowers retailers and brands to stay ahead of viral trends with an AI-powered platform that predicts social media and search trends. Granularity’s work was recently featured in the USA Today and they were named one of the top supply chain startups in Toronto. 

About Vector Institute

The Vector Institute is an independent, not-for-profit corporation dedicated to advancing artificial intelligence, excelling in machine learning and deep learning. Our vision is to drive excellence and leadership in Canada’s knowledge, creation, and use of AI to foster economic growth and improve the lives of Canadians. The Vector Institute is funded by the Province of Ontario, the Government of Canada through CIFAR Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, and industry sponsors across Canada.

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